myspace graphic comments It is the perfect time to get out a travel book and follow the map to a new place you have never seen.   I have just such a book to read.  We get a free book from the Reading Is Fun representative when the school sells 10 books from their display.  It is a nice way to get free books for the library and a great way for the staff to get bargins on books.  I am so glad we get a chance to see these books.

Backroads and Byways of Missouri:  Drives, Day Trips, and Weekend Excursions by Archie Satterfield

This is not the kind of book you snuggle up with and not get up until you are finished.  And that is fine.  This book serves it purpose well.  Backroads and Byways of Missouri is the kind of book you pick up when you are ready to travel.  Each chapter takes you on a trip from one part of Missouri to another.  Along the way you find out the interesting histroy you would not have known without this book as a guide.  I am from Doniphan, Missouri so my interest was peaked when I saw the name General Doniphan. I knew the town was named after him but I did not know the rest of his story.  At one point in the general’s career he stood up to his commanding officer and refused to execute a group of Mormans.  Besides the history, this book tells about Bed and Breakfasts and small hotels along the way.  It also tells about some selective shopping areas. The next time you are going on a trip in Missouri come to the library and check out this book.  You will enjoy a bit of history and find some great places to stop along the way.