A little girl chased up a tree by a pack of hunting dogs, has no memory of her name or family.  How did she get there?  Where is her family?  The girl shows up the very same day the men of the village have set fire to an old ladies house because they think she is witch who steals babies.  A kind family finds the little girl and helps her heal from the pack of dogs.   Soon, the family whose baby was stolen by the witch shows up and claims this unknown child as their own baby Isabella who was also stolen by the witch as an infant six years ago.   Is this child Isabella?  If not who is she? So many questions.  So, little time to find answers.  This family is taking her home, a home they hope she remembers.  She does not.  Nothing is familiar.  Nothing seems right.  Especially her new older sister.  Who is the witch  everyone keeps talking about?

This is a suspenseful story, with a twist.  I enjoyed this book.  Whenever I put it down my mind wanted to work on solving the mystery.  I had to pick it back up and see if any of my theories were correct.  This book does not have a lot of action but it does keep you turning the pages.