This historical fiction novel for middle school students takes place in a often neglected setting in literature.    The novel is set in Los Alamos.  Los Alamos at that time did not officially exist.  Mail coming into and out of the area was strictly censored to prevent anyone from finding out a group of scientist were all living there and working on a gadget to end the war.   Dewey and Suze are both outcasts forced into a relationship by the events surrounding WWII and their parents jobs in Los Alamos.  Dewey has a physical disability and a passion for climbing around in the dump to find things she can use to work on her inventions. This has earned her the nickname Screwy Dewey.  Suze is called Truck behind her back because of her large size and her tendencyto boss others around.  The fact that they are both outcasts in their class does not make them friends.  In fact, Suze is one of those who teases Dewey when she first arrives.  When Dewey’s dad is called away on secret war business Dewey has to live with Suze and her parents.  All does not go well from the beginning for either girl, but slowly they begin to understand and tolerate each other.  Eventually their relationship grows and they learn from each other.  The relationship building takes most of the book and misunderstandings lead to Dewey running away. 

The historical facts surrounding this story add much to the book as a whole.  The title is not explained until the last chapter and describes a scene not many people have ever read about in history books. 

I think girls from ages 10-14 will enjoy accompanying Suze and Dewey on their journey to friendship. 

There is a sequel and I will be reading it soon.  It is White Sands, Red Menace.  Look for a review soon but not too soon.  I have a growing stack of books to get read!