Oliver Has Something to Say!  By Pamela Edwards 


Oliver has a very common problem found among children with an older sibling.  Oliver doesn’t get a chance to speak.  Oliver opens his mouth to speak but someone always answers every question for him.  First, it is his older sister.  She seems like the typical older sister who is trying to be helpful.  She just has not noticed that Oliver has grown up and is able to speak for himself.  Mom and Dad are also guilty of speaking for Oliver instead of waiting for him to form the words and make his own voice heard. 


It takes a kind, patient preschool teacher to help Oliver find his voice.  Oliver seems a little overwhelmed when he gets to make a choice for himself about where to play.  Mrs. Samra is patient while Oliver tries to get his underused mouth in motion.  Through the process Mrs. Samra listens with her eyes and heart as well as her ears.  Finally, Oliver is able to tell her what he wants to do. 


Oliver has learned his lesson well.  After his first day in pre-school he gets up in the middle of the night and lets everyone know they have not been right about what he really wanted as they spoke for him.  Loudly, he lets them know all the things he tried to say over the week.  Mom, Dad, and Margaret are so surprised that this time they have nothing to say.


This is an excellent book to be used in the home or classroom, not only to encourage children  to speak up, but to let talkative children  know they are not being helpful when they rush to finish someone’s thought or sentence.  Sometimes, children need an extra few seconds of time before they can gather their thoughts.  Those who are a bit quicker in forming their thoughts (Mom, Dad, older siblings, and even teachers) need to take the lesson in this book to heart. 

Thanks to Jill at The Well Read Child for sending the book for me to review for her website.  You can see the review there if you click the link above.  Spend some time there checking out the rest of her site… it is wonderful.