When you are not alive where are you?  In this book elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin, Liz discovers elsewhere – the place you are when you are not living on the earth.  If you remember this is a fiction story you will have the write mindset to enjoy a young girls trip to elsewhere.  Many things in elsewhere seem just like they did on earth.  People work, shop, live in houses, and seem normal.  At first this confuses Liz and makes her think she is just dreaming. But, things in elsewhere  are not always as they seem.  Old and young take on new meanings.  As expected Liz is not too happy to be taken from the earth and spends a good deal of time watching what is happening back in her old life.  The biggest concern for Liz iswhen she finds out  that here in elsewhere people age backwards.  Liz died at fourteen. Now, she has to go backwards.  She wants to grow up,  learn to drive a car, have a first date, and a first kiss.  This sure isn’t heaven.  Will Liz waste the life she has or find a way to accept her new life?

Book 1

Book 1

Interesting and enjoyable.  It was a stretch for me because of the graphic format but I wanted to read it to be able to recommend it to students.  And I will certainly recommend it. I know several students who will become faithful readers of this series. 

This book is told in a graphic book format along with regular pages of words.  I liked that.  Too much comic book style just tires me out.  I like the flow of words and sentences and paragraphs.  This graphic novel did not have too much comic book style for me.  But, the text is not to much for those who find reading a chore.  The illustrations told much of the story and make the reader aware of things not told in the pages of text. 

The setting is somewhere (hopefully a long time from now) when humans no longer inhabit the earth.  Some animals can talk and even learn to read.  Thelonious is a chipmunk who gets carried away from home by a flood.  He ends up making friends with a porcupine who lives in a bookstore and a female bear who built and flew an airplane.  Their goal is to get the bear back to Fog Mound.  Of course, there are those with evil intent who want them stopped. 

I can’t wait to get this one into the hands of the students and I can almost bet they will be sending me back for the next two in the series.


Find out about the next books on the authors’ website.