School News

    Our students have been given a unique opportunity to become book reviewers through the cooperation of Flamingnet and our local county library.  The county library is paying the small fee for our students to join Flamingnet as reviewers.  If their application is accepted the students choose books from a list to review.  Once the book arrives the students reads the book, writes a review, and gets to keep the book.  How much better could it get?  Students are reading and writing about books on a site started by a student and his dad.  We are just getting started with this program, but already there is much interest.  Parents, for your child to participate they must return a signed note explaining the program in detail along with recommendations for how you and your child can choose books best suited for them.

Last night I stopped at Barnes and Noble to buy a few more books using our Barnes and Noble gift card from our book fair last spring.  First, let me say thank you to Barnes and Noble for their wonderful program that contributes so  much to literacy and learning.  Also, thank you to the parents, students, and teachers who supported our fair.  I am looking forward to our next fair March 14, 2009. 

I am like a kid in a candy store as I browse the books to make my selection.  I usually begin browsing with a list in hand with some titles students have requested or books we need to finish out a popular series.  But, as I look for those I often find books that jump out at me with a particular student’s name.  I find myself saying oh, I know ___________would love that book and it goes into my pile.  My pile grows and grows.  Then, I have to sit down and read part of each book.  Is it really as good as it looks, do we have any books like this, can I remember any reviews on the book?  These are all questions I try to answer so I can sort the books into “keepers” and “not this time” piles.  After that I look again at my keep pile to make sure I have books that will stand the test of time. 

Some books that made it to the keeper pile:

Junie B. Jones ( some we did not have in the library)

Magic Tree House (again a few new ones we did not have)

I love seeing the beginning readers choosing a chapter book for the first time.  Their faces are so joyful as they show me the “big book” they have selected.  They are a loyal group of readers who really want to read them all and in order.  I try to make that happen for them. 


written by one of the Spiderwick authors

written by one of the Spiderwick authors


Kenny  and the Dragon-Tony DiTerlizzi







This will be a series of ten books with an online game.


39 Clues: The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan




 part grahic novel/part heroic fantasy       Travels of Thelonious – Susan Schade and Jon Buller





The sign in my library (made for me by a student) says Queen of Everything.  However, for this blog I will settle for just being the Library Queen.  My purpose for starting a blog is to celebrate all the wonderful books found in our school library.  Come along with me and weekly I will highlight a book or books you won’t want to miss.  I want to highlight many kinds of books for every kind of reader.  Look for new titles, classics, overlooked books, and most read books for all reading levels.