Show Me Award Nominee 2008-2009

Show Me Award Nominee 2008-2009

Winning contests can bring unexpected problems.  One young man finds this out when he thinks he won a pterodactyl and can’t keep it at home.  He pleads with his teacher to let him bring it to school.  As I read this book to the students they all were joining in on the “Please, Ms. Johnson can I bring my Pterodactyl to school.  Can I?   Please!” 

This student is very persuasive in his attempts to convince his teacher to let him bring the pterodactyl to school.  He uses all of the unique aspects of the dinosaur to show how helpful it would be to the students and even the teacher.

A couple of things I really liked are first the illustrations.  They added just the right touch to show the readers how the dinosaur would behave. The details were just right… the lunch box in the dinosaur’s mouth and the dinosaur being used as a jungle gym.  The little girl in its mouth was commented on by several children.  Before I began to read the book, one little girl told me she was afraid of dinosaurs. After listening to the story, she informed me she was not scared anymore. 

The other aspect I enjoyed is the ending.  I won’t spoil it for you; it does go over the heads of students who need the book read to them. However, it is entertaining to the older child or adult reading it aloud. 

This book would be helpful in teaching children the skill of predicting, it could lead to research about pre-historic animals, it would be an aid to begin a discussion of bullies.  Best of all, I think this book could be used to teach the craft of writing as the students brainstorm about reasons for bringing other animals to school.