Thanks to my sister-in-law, Cindy, for suggesting this book.  It is as good as she said.  The next time anyone asks me for a scarey book this is for sure the title I will suggest. 

The Old Willis Place is a ghost story but in an unusual way.  It is scarey but it has character development and relationships along with the mystery and adventure.

Diana and Georgie are living in the woods.  They are dirty and unkept but seem to have rules suggesting parents do care about  their activities.  They are forbidden to leave the woods and forbidden to be seen by others.  So, they spend their time watching the activities and sneaking around the old mansion in the woods.  New caretakers come and go after unusual activities in or near their home.  The new caretaker is a writer with a daughter close to Diana age. Suddenly, Diana wants to break the rules and become a friend to Lissa.  Will the breaking the rules ruin Diana and Georgies relationship?  Will Lissa want to be friends with Diana?  What “bad thing” happened to Georgie and Diana that has kept them bound to the rules they must not break?

New in Sept. 2008
New book in September 2008


Sometimes, real life is messy.  Sometimes the truth has a hard edge.  After mom dies, eleven-year-old Mackenzie O’Rourke and his brother, Kid, live with a parent who is controlled by alcohol and gambling.  After a night of gambling Mackenzie’s dad brings home a puppy.  And love happens.  No one has to remind Mackenzie to feed his dog (Cash) or take care of him.  MacKenzie lives to be right by Cash’s side and Cash, for his part feels the same.  Then Dad, in a fit of anger, gets rid of Cash by taking him into the country and dumping him by the side of the road. 
After the separation the story is told from MacKenzie’s point of view and Cash’s.  Cash tells of the pain of hunger, his capture by men who run dog fighting rings, and of heroic deeds.  All the while, MacKenzie searches desperatly for his dog.  Besides, losing his dog MacKenzie must deal with the loss of his brother, Kid, who can’t take any more of dad’s anger.
In the background of this story another tale is being told.  Cash is pit bull and the town has decided that pit bulls are dangerous and not welcome.  But, what about this mysterious pit bull that is rescuing people in cars parked on train tracks?  Are all pit bulls dangerous?  Can Cash find his way back home?  Can Kid? Fans of Shiloh will enjoy this tale of a dog lost.