One of our students reviewed Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Writing Thank You Notes for Flamingnet. (See the Blogroll)  She liked the book and gave it a favorable review.  I thought I would pick up another one of the author’s books for our library. 

by Peggy Gifford

by Peggy Gifford

Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little

Moxy, is the typical busy nine year old. Ok, maybe a little busier than most..(think perpetual motion and non-stop talking ) It is the LAST day of summer vacation and she has to read Stuart Little before tomorrow.  She has had all summer to do it but she never got around to it.  The day before school starts she is still procrastinating.  Her mother (bless her weary soul) has had it!  Moxy will stay in her room and read the book.  But, when her mother leaves to run errands Moxy has a brilliant idea… or so she thought. 

Moxy makes me tired.  She is constantly thinking, constantly planning, and always getting herself into trouble.  She is very realistic drama queen! I like the photos that accompany the text and the chapter titles.  I especially like the ones where the title is longer than the chapter. 



Chapter Seven:
In Which Moxy’s Mother says No


That is it… the whole chapter.  Short and concise.  I do appreciate the fact that Moxy’s Mother uses wisdom in dealing with her errant daughter.  There are consequences to Moxy’s delay in doing her homework.  That makes me smile.  There is hope for Moxy to learn better habits.

I think this will be a good choice for students who are ready to move on from first chapter books and a fun, quick read for older elementary students.